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Sunlight shines on bug-bitten veined green leaves and spider webs. Closeup of dried green bamboo stalks strung together with black rope. An open seed pod with fuzzy seeds, on the stalk next to two buds.
A bee coming in for a landing on a purple thistle. Closeup of a blue dragonfly on a pinecone. Blue dragonfly on a pine tree.
Closeup of a pink flower on a green and yellow background. Red and black ladybug on a green leaf. Green grapes and leaves.
Green grapes and leaves near a wired wooden fence post. Bright yellow green leaves against a dark black background. Bright yellow green leaves against a dark black background.
Rough textured bark on the trunk of a tree. Stalks of wheat (or a similar plant). Lavender or purple flower against a blurred green background.
Pink flower closeup against a green background. Closeup of red and yellow leaves or petals of a tropical plant. Closeup of green, yellow and red leaves of a plant.
Red and black leaves on a plant. Palm trees against a gloomy overcast cloudy sky. Palm trees against a clear blue sky.
Palm trees against a blue sky. Flowers near Ka'anapali Beach. Lana'i island in the distance. Yellow and orange flower.
Yellow sunflower. Back of a yellow sunflower with ants. Orange and yellow flower (perhaps a daisy)?
White mushroom on red leaves. Dripping mushrooms in green grass. Dripping mushrooms in green grass.




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