Random Photos

Here are a bunch of random photos. Feel free to reload the page to see some more!

A random taste of photos:
Stalks of wheat (or a similar plant). Water-pumping windmill against a cloudy blue sky. A frame of \
Purple wildflowers brighten a fallen log at Pacheco State Park in California. A \ A lazy gray-and-white cat naps blissfully.
A snail checks out the purple wisteria flowers. The still water of a salt marsh reflects sky and clouds. A male seagull, standing on a coastal cliff.
Pink mushroom in green grass. Red rose. A vacant paper wasp nest held in the palm of my hand. The nest is constructed of open hexagonal cells in which the young develop.
Salt beds form a strange landscape. A snail -- or, as I like to call them, a snailien -- shows off translucent skin. Red and yellow berries on a green tree.
A snail -- or, as I like to call them, a snailien -- shows off translucent skin. A zig-zaggy boardwalk on the salt marshes. Closeup of a blue dragonfly on a pinecone.
Hoodoos at Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument in New Mexico. A wall of wine bottles, with dusty bottles in the foreground. Tufa towers at Mono Lake.
A male seagull perched on a light post against a pale foggy sky. A mountain range near Mammoth Lakes, California. White Sands National Monument, New Mexico.
Millipede on a dead leaf. Yellow and orange flower. This lumpy bumpy strange red sea creature is called a frogfish.
Danger sign near Wailua Falls. Locals use it for target practice. It reads: “Danger. Do not go beyond wall. State of Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources.” Dragon's Teeth, Kapalua, Maui. Pelicans and other sea birds congregate on an islet.
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Photos by artist Erin Metcalf of Eirewolf Creations.

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