Random Photos

Here are a bunch of random photos. Feel free to reload the page to see some more!

A random taste of photos:
Lingcod fish skeleton. Nasty sharp point teeth. Ground squirrel, ready for his closeup on the boardwalk. The shores of Horseshoe Lake.
The shores of Horseshoe Lake. Painted Desert within the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona. A depth marker stands upright in the stagnant green river of a salt marsh.
A fence constructed of driftwood, seaweed, and wire on the beach. A snail checks out the purple wisteria flowers. A wall of \
Painted Desert within the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona. Looking up at a grove of tall trees. \
Giant yellow flower on a zucchini plant. Bright yellow green leaves against a dark black background. Golden bumblebee or carpenter bee with green eyes.
Wildflowers brighten a grove of trees in Pacheco State Park, California. This is either a Sharp-shinned Hawk or a Cooper\'s Hawk, eating a smaller bird. I believe it is a juvenile (fledged some weeks ago). This hawk family lived in a eucalyptus tree on a golf course. Raven in profile, closeup (somewhat).
Green grapes and leaves near a wired wooden fence post. A snail -- or, as I like to call them, a snailien -- shows off translucent skin. A brightly colored kayaker paddles by tufa towers in Mono Lake.
Seabirds taking off at Morro Bay, California. (If anyone knows the species, please let me know and I\'ll add the info!) Rocky beach in Morro Bay. Tufa towers frame snow-dotted mountains at Mono Lake.
Danger sign near Wailua Falls. Locals use it for target practice. It reads: “Danger. Stop - Do not enter! Slippery rocks at top of falls. People have been killed. Keep out. State of Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources.” Green hummingbird hovering at a backyard feeder. Macro of a natural pink salt marsh.
A male seagull, standing. A zig-zaggy boardwalk on the salt marshes. Ground squirrel, standing on a post with a blurred background (portrait orientation).
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Photos by artist Erin Metcalf of Eirewolf Creations.

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