Random Photos

Here are a bunch of random photos. Feel free to reload the page to see some more!

A random taste of photos:
A large gray and silver koi fish in a shallow green pond. A snail climbs a purple wisteria plant. This building reminded me of an old decrepit church. (It was probably an emergency snow cabin or something.) Natural CO2 outgassing from a magma body beneath Mammoth Mountain asphyxiated more than 100 acres of trees near Horseshoe Lake in the early 1990s. The gasses become concentrated to deadly levels in enclosed structures such as cabins.
Marsh water curves through a colorful landscape. Strange lava formations near Dragon's Teeth, Kapalua, Maui. A live cicada on my house.
Millipede on a dead leaf. Near Nakalele Blowhole. A tree-covered hillside in Pacheco State Park, California.
Moss-covered stones in a grassy field in Pacheco State Park, California. Sunbeams filter down through an aquarium full of a variety of fish (including sharks, surgeonfish, unicornfish, and others.) Waimea Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, seen from a helicopter.
Petrified wood in this desolate landscape has been fossilized and turned to stone. Moss-covered stones in a grassy field in Pacheco State Park, California. A roll of hay in a green field backed by trees, mountains, and fluffy white clouds.
A zig-zaggy boardwalk leads to the Environmental Education Center in Alviso, California. A purple African daisy with a blue and yellow center, on a blurred green background. Lovely marsh muck, ringed by beautiful colors on a curving bank.
Macro of a sunlit spider web (sans spider). Tufa towers at Mono Lake. Moss-covered stones in a grassy field in Pacheco State Park, California.
Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument in New Mexico. Many caprocks are visible here. Mourning dove sitting on a wooden fence near a field of weeds. Tufa towers at Mono Lake.
A log in the middle of a cracked boulder. Green landscape in Pacheco State Park, California. I believe the body of water shown is the San Luis Reservoir. Tufa tower surrounded by yellow wildflowers at Mono Lake.
Staghorn fern (Platycerium bifurcatum), growing on a tree. Macro of a natural salt marsh. A red wildflower by a stream near Mammoth Lakes. It resembles Indian Paintbrush, but I\'m not sure what it is.
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Photos by artist Erin Metcalf of Eirewolf Creations.

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