Random Photos

Here are a bunch of random photos. Feel free to reload the page to see some more!

A random taste of photos:
A hut constructed of driftwood and seaweed on the beach. Bright yellow-green leaves against a clear blue sky. Petrified wood appears as colorful stone.
Orange sunset at the beach in Morro Bay. High voltage tower reflected in the water of a pink salt marsh. Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument in New Mexico.
Shadows of two people on a bridge reflect in murky green water. The carcass of a large bird (species unknown) on the beach at Morro Bay, California. Perrine Bridge over the Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls, Idaho.
A mountain range near Mammoth Lakes, California. Brown bunny rabbit laying on the green grass. A green rowboat chained on the shore at Horseshoe Lake.
Ground squirrel, standing on a post with a blurred background. Morro Rock reflected in rippled wet sand and backed by fluffy white clouds on a dreamy evening. Can you see the jackrabbit? He\'s decently camouflaged.
A black and purple wasp-like creature with red legs and a long stinger or ovipositor (egg-laying organ). Possibly a female Ichneumon wasp -- Pimpla?  If someone knows for sure, I\'d love to be enlightened! A dog\'s paw print in the wet beach sand. A male seagull, standing.
Green hummingbird hovering at a backyard feeder. Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument in New Mexico. I have no idea what kind of plant this is. The stems resemble rosemary, and the red- or purple-speckled 2-lobed seed pods or flowers resemble spotted pillows. Any help identifying this strange plant would be appreciated!
Black-necked stilts (birds) make dark trails through marsh water that curves through a colorful landscape. Remnants of a fence falling into Dinosaur Lake in Pacheco State Park, California. Petrified wood in this desolate landscape has been fossilized and turned to stone.
Orange sunset at the beach in Morro Bay. California Condor female, tagged number 33, soaring overhead against a clouded blue sky. An open seed pod with fuzzy seeds, on the stalk next to two buds.
A twisted fallen tree near Horseshoe Lake. A lone seagull stands near the water\'s edge. Green Shield Bug (Palomena prasina) -- I think!  Any entomologists out there are most welcome to correct me.
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Photos by artist Erin Metcalf of Eirewolf Creations.

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