Random Photos

Here are a bunch of random photos. Feel free to reload the page to see some more!

A random taste of photos:
Painted Desert within the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona. Closeup of a blue dragonfly on a pinecone. Claude the albino alligator, submerged under water.
Millipede on a dead leaf. Black rocks on Kapalua Beach on Maui. Tufa towers at Mono Lake.
Sea Nettle jellyfish. Yellow and green clusters of flowers resemble berries on a leafy bush. Meteor Crater, a meteorite impact crater near Winslow Arizona (and the largest in the United States).
A pond reflects fluffy white clouds on a mountain-flanked plain in Idaho. Tiny yellow and white wildflowers dot a hill in Pacheco State Park, California. Overlapping rusty saw blades.
Driftwood litters the beach near the mouth of the Wailua River, where it meets the Pacific Ocean. Sun-bleached driftwood tree trunk on the beach. A crescent moon hangs in the night sky above Morro Rock.
Dragon's Teeth, Kapalua, Maui. A shed cicada skin among orange Marigold flowers. An open seed pod with fuzzy seeds, on the stalk next to two buds.
Two tall trees on a hill overlook the ocean and a clear blue sky in Laguna. An empty sun-bleached snail shell. A dark red and green succulent groundcover plant, Sedum spurium, AKA Bronze Carpet Stonecrop.
Ancient stones and gnarled trees share a grassy hillside in Pacheco State Park, California. Purple sea urchins, fish, and other undersea life. White Sands National Monument, New Mexico
A snail checks out the purple wisteria flowers. A collection of bones and stones on a round post surrounded by red rock. Broken rocks colored with lichen near a lake.
A hut constructed of driftwood and seaweed on the beach. Dragon's Teeth, Kapalua, Maui. A red Celosia flower in front of a green leafy background.
Photos available as Creative Commons unless otherwise noted on individual page.
Photos by artist Erin Metcalf of Eirewolf Creations.

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